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Researching Global Investments

International investing is easier than ever, but you still need to do your homework. Here you'll find detailed explanations of how to research international markets, where to find data, and the tools you need to find your next great global investment. We'll also explore International Financial Reporting Standards and find out the best places to get quotes and charts on international stocks.

How to Use Canada's SEDAR
Learn how to use Canada's SEDAR system to research Canadian stocks, bonds and investment funds.

Budget Deficits, Surpluses & Impacts on Investors
Discover how budget deficits and surpluses impact international investors and traders around the world.

How to Analyze Fund Flows
Discover how to find, read and interpret fund flow data to paint a macro picture and gain an edge in your investing.

IFRS versus GAAP: A Comparison of Reporting Standards
Learn about the key differences between IFRS and GAAP reporting standards.

How to Read Industrial Production & Utilization Reports
Discover how to find, read and interpret industrial production and utilization reports to gain economic and investment insights.

Top 5 Economic Statistics for Global Investors
Learn the top five most important economic statistics for global investors.

What is a Reverse Takeover (RTO)?
Learn how reverse takeovers are becoming a popular way for foreign companies to list in the U.S. and the risks that may entail for investors.

What is a NI 43-101 Report?
Learn what NI 43-101 reports are, where to find them, and how to read them in order to evaluate Canadian mineral resources and reserves.

Top 3 Best Sources of Investor Information
Discover the three best places to look for investor information.

How to Evaluate Country Risk
Learn how to evaluate a country's risk by looking at both qualitative and quantitative factors.

What are Sovereign Ratings?
Learn how sovereign ratings are used by investors to determine a country's credit risk and the facts that influence them.

Fundamentals Come First
Whether you're investing in a company in Boston or Bangladesh, the fundamental rules of business and finance are the same. Before venturing abroad make sure you're comfortable with the principles of fundamental analysis as explained by the About.com guide to Stocks.

International Newspapers in English
Financial newspapers, magazines, and websites can be a good place to start looking for investment ideas. But don't limit your search to U.S.-based publications. Check out this list of English-language news sources from around the world.

Bloomberg Stock Market News
Bloomberg News reports extensively on the movements of global stock markets throughout the day. Its dispatches from the Americas, Europe, and Asia are a good way to stay abreast of winning and losing stocks and sectors around the globe.

International vs. US Accounting Standards
This podcast and series of articles from global accounting firm Deloitte is a good introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and U.S. GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).

Global Valuation Ratios
When you're doing your homework on a foreign company, you'll want to know how its valuation compares to its local peers. This information can be tough to find, but S&P/Citigroup has a great collection of free data that can help with your analysis. It's also a handy way to compare valuation ratios across countries and regions.

Ernst & Young IFRS
Global accounting firm Ernst & Young uses a set of accounts for a fictitious company to illustrate how International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) work.

Comparing Equity Valuations Between Countries
Learn how to use relative valuations to compare countries and enhance risk-adjusted returns when investing internationally.

How to Value Foreign Stocks Stocks
Learn how to use both intrinsic and relative valuation methods to determine if foreign stocks are fairly valued, overvalued, or undervalued.

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