1. Money

Should You Invest in Foreign Countries?

Investing in foreign countries has never been easier with internationally-focused ETFs and mutual funds, but is it right for you?

International Investing Spotlight10

​How to Measure a Country's Productivity

Learn why a country's productivity matters and how investors can measure it using a number of different methodologies.

​Getting Yield with International High Yield ETFs

Discover why investors may want to consider adding international high yield bonds to their diversified portfolios with the help of two U.S.-traded ETFs.

​What is the MSCI Emerging Markets Index?

Learn all about the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, how to invest in the index with ETFs, and some alternatives to consider.

​Global Liquidity & How to Measure It

Discover what global liquidity is, what it means to investors, and how it can be measured to predict markets ups and downs.

​What to Look for in International ETFs

Learn a few key things to look for before investing in international ETFs, including expense ratios, portfolio holdings, and other risks.

Domestic vs. International Equities & Bonds

Discover the key differences between domestic stocks and bonds and their international counterparts, including how to measure the relative risks.

What Are Local Currency vs. Dollar Denominated Bond Funds?

Learn what the difference between local currency and dollar-denominated bonds are in emerging markets and around the world.

What Are the JP Morgan EMBI, EMBI+ & EMBIG Indexes?

Discover the three most influential emerging market bond indexes in the market and what they mean for individual investors when selecting funds.

​What Are the NEXGEM Countries?

Learn about the components of the NEXGEM benchmark index and what it means for international investors participating in frontier market debt.

How to Mitigate Interest Rate Risks

Learn how to mitigate the risk of rising or falling interest rates using some simple strategies.

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