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Glossary of International Investing Terms

Over the years the international investment community has developed its own set of unique investment terms and a veritable alphabet soup of acronyms. Here are some of the most common terms you're likely to encounter.

What is a LTRO Long-term Refinancing Operation
Learn what LTRO stands for and how it's used by the European Central Bank to provide liquidity to banks and lower bond yields to countries.

What is a Bank Reserve Ratio?
Discover what bank reserve ratios are and how they affect stocks and bonds.

What is the Eurasian Union (EEU)?
Discover what the Eurasian Union is, how it's regulated, and some key concerns for politicians and investors.

What is a Nation's Money Supply?
Discover what money supply means, where to find the reports, and how to use the reports in analyzing a country's economic climate.

Reading & Analyzing the Producer Price Index (PPI)
Learn how to read and analyze the producer price index to predict monetary policy actions and sector rotation.

What Is An Exchange Rate Mechanism (ERM)?
Learn the history and usage of exchange rate mechanisms for controlling currency valuations around the world.

What is the EFSF?
Learn what the EFSF is and how it helps combat European sovereign debt crisis.

What are the PIIGS?
Learn all about the term PIIGS and what it means in today's global economic environment.

Six emerging markets favored in 2009 by The Economist's Robert Ward.

Next Eleven (N-11)
The eleven countries with the highest potential of becoming the world's largest economies.

Brazilian Real
Brazil's bustling currency.

Four promising emerging markets for the next ten years.

Five countries perceived as weak following the 2008 economic crisis.

European Central Bank (ECB)
The European Central Bank is the European Union's institution in charge of monetary policy.


BM&F Bovespa
The BM&F Bovespa is Brazil's primary stock exchange with a market capitalization of nearly $1.5 trillion.


Emerging Market


Frontier Market

What is Abenomics?
Learn about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's plans to resolve Japan's macroeconomic problems.

What Is A Bail-In & How Does It Work?
Learn what a bail-in entails and how they are used as an alternative to bail-outs to save troubled institutions.

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