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Getting Started in International Investing

If you don't have any experience with international investing, this is the best place to start. Here you'll learn why international stocks can be a great addition to your portfolio and how much you should allocate to foreign markets. We'll also take a look at some of the myths and misconceptions about global investing.
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How to Become a Global Investor
Learn how to become a global macro investor and profit from everything from interest rate decisions to elections around the world.

The Eurozone Crisis
Discover the origins of the eurozone crisis and some potential solutions proposed by eurozone leaders that could solve the problems.

Common Mistakes With International Diversification
Learn why simply purchasing international stocks, bonds and ETFs may not be enough to effectively diversify and how you can ensure proper international diversification.

How to Invest in the Global Retail Industry
Look beyond Wal-Mart at these international retailers and why they might be the perfect addition to a diversified portfolio.

What are Newly Industrialized Countries (NICs)
Discover what constitutes a newly industrialized country, some common characteristics/examples, and how to gain exposure to them with ETFs and ADRs.

Trading on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX)
Learn about Canada's stock exchange and how to build exposure to in any stock portfolio.

Investing in Global Industrial and Materials Sectors
Discover how to invest in international industrial and materials sectors using ETFs and ADRs.

How to Invest in Global Energy & Utilities
Learn how to invest in global energy and utility stocks using ETFs and ADRs.

How to Invest in Global Consumer Spending
Discover how to invest in global consumer spending with ETFs and ADRs.

What Are Eurobonds (European Bonds)?
Learn what eurobonds are and how they could help resolve the European Sovereign Debt Crisis.

How to Invest in Global Telecom
Discover how to invest in global telecommunications ETFs and ADRs.

What is ASEAN and Who Belongs to It?
Learn what ASEAN is, countries belonging to it, and how to capitalize on the region's growth.

What are Interest Rate Swaps?
Discover what interest rate swaps are and how they might affect your portfolio.

Royalty Trusts and How to Invest in Them
Learn how and why to invest in royalty trusts both in the U.S. and abroad.

International Real Estate Investing 101
Five tips to remember when getting started in international real estate investing.

Investing in Global Growth with Infrastructure Funds
Learn why and how to invest in global infrastructure using either mutual funds or ETFs.

Black Wednesday: George Soros' Bet Against Britain
Discover how George Soros became famous breaking the Bank of England in what ultimately became known as Black Wednesday.

What is Protectionism?
Discover what protectionism is and how it affects global investments.

What are Bund Spreads?
Discover what bund spreads are, where to find them, and how to trade them.

Turkish Economic Crisis of 2000-2001
Discover why Turkey's economic crisis occurred, how others can prevent the same from happening, and the impact on international investors.

What is Hedging?
Discover how hedging is used by institutional investors and commercial entities, as well as how those same strategies can be used by individual investors.

What was the Asian Financial Crisis?
Discover the causes, resolution and lessons of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis.

What are the Next Eleven?
Discover the eleven countries that Goldman Sachs predicts will rapidly grow over the coming years.

What Are Shadow Banking Systems?
Learn about the $60 trillion shadow banking system, risks associated with it, and how it affects the global financial system.

How to Find and Read Japan's Tankan Survey
Discover how to find and read Japan's Tankan Survey - the most important economic survey in the country.

Consumer Confidence and Its Impact on the Markets
Learn all about consumer confidence and its impact on markets around the world.

What is the European Stability Mechanism (ESM)?
Discover the eurozone's long-term solution to the sovereign debt crisis.

NYSE Euronext: The World’s First Global Exchange
Learn about the NYSE Euronext - the world's first global stock exchange.

Measuring & Managing Investment Risks
Learn how to measure and manage investment risks in international portfolios.

What Happens When a Country Defaults?
Learn what happens when a country defaults.

Finding & Analyzing Global Mining Stocks
Learn how to find, analyze and invest in global mining stocks in good times and bad.

What is the Big Mac Index?
Discover how McDonalds' Big Macs have been used as a measurement for purchasing power parity.

What are Leading Economic Indicators?
Discover how leading economic indicators provide key short-term insights into economic growth or decline.

Investing in Global Commodities
Learn how commodities fit into a global investment portfolio and the easiest ways to add exposure to yours.

Dry Bulk Shipping: Investing in Global Trade
Learn how investing in dry bulk shipping stocks can broaden your exposure to global trade and diversify your portfolio.

What’s the Difference between a Recession and a Depression?
Learn the difference between a recession and a depression.

Foreign Tax Credits for Dividend Stocks
Learn how to apply for U.S. tax credits to offset foreign taxes paid on international dividend stocks, as well as money-saving advice to keep in mind.

What is the LIBOR Rate?
Discover what LIBOR is and what it means for your portfolio.

What is a Developing Country?
Discover what constitutes a developing country, explore some examples, and find out how they differ from developed countries and frontier markets.

What is the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)
Learn what the Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) is and how investors can use it to profit.

What is Austerity?
Discover what austerity measures are, their effects on economies and key debates surrounding their use.

The Effects of Inflation on Global Investments
Learn how inflation affects global investments and how investors can hedge against the threat of inflation.

What is Deflation?
Learn what deflation is and how it affects stocks and bonds.

Should You Invest in International Stocks or Funds?
Should you invest in international funds or pick your own international stocks? This article examines the pros and cons of both approaches.

What are Emerging Markets?
Learn what emerging markets are and how to find the best investment opportunities.

What is Quantitative Easing?
Learn how quantitative easing helps central banks build liquidity when other options are exhausted, and how these efforts impact your portfolio.

What is the Debt-to-GDP Ratio?
Learn what the debt-to-GDP ratio is and what it means for investors.

Frontier Markets: New Opportunities Around the World
Frontier markets represent the next generation of emerging market opportunities. Learn what constitutes frontier markets and how to invest in them.

What is Inflation?
Discover what inflation is, how it works, and how it affects investments.

What is OPEC & Why It Matters
Learn OPEC's origins, history and why it matters for investors today.

Build a Solid and Diversified Portfolio with BRICs
Learn how to invest in four of the world's most promising emerging markets - Brazil, Russia, India and China.

How to Calculate and Pay Taxes on Foreign Investments
Learn how to calculate and pay taxes on foreign investments, as well as how to file for a foreign tax credit or deduction.

The Top Five Things to Know About International Investing
International investing is subject that covers a lot of ground - quite literally the whole world. But there are a few key things that you need to know before getting started. Here are the top five things that I think every investor should know about international markets.

What is Sovereign Debt?
Learn what sovereign debt is, what it means, where to find it, and how to analyze it.

How Much International Exposure Should You Have?
Before getting started in foreign investing, you need to decide how much of your portfolio to allocate to international markets. While each investor's situation may differ, we'll take a look at some of the guidelines that can help you make an informed decision.

Currencies and International Investing
International investing can be more complicated than investing at home for many reasons. One of the biggest differences is the impact of foreign exchange rates. In some cases, currency fluctuations can determine whether your investments are winners or losers.

The Best Ways to Invest in Foreign Markets
International investing used to be something that was all but impossible for small investors to do without the help of a professional. In recent years, there has been an explosion of investment products that help small investors tap into foreign markets. Whether you do your own stock picking, or invest in a professionally-managed fund, there are more choices than ever.

SEC Guide to International Investing
The Securities and Exchange Commission publishes a helpful guide for beginners that explains some of the risks of international investing.

Greycourt Global White Paper
Greycourt & Co., a Pittsburgh-based wealth management firm, takes a fresh look at the case for global investing and its evolution over the years in this easy-to-read research paper.

International Investing and Taxes
While the rewards of international investing far outweigh the tax consequences, there are a few things you need to be aware of before plunging in. This article from the Chicago Tribune provides a good introduction to the tax implications of international stocks and funds.

Business Cycles: Booms, Busts & Everything In-Between

How to Screen for International Stocks
Learn how to screen for international stocks using a variety of different online tools and services.

Top 10 International Investing Websites
Discover the best international investing blogs to help formulate ETF, ADR, and foreign investment ideas using macroeconomic and specific insights.

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