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Investing in Shares of Multinational Companies

International investing doesn't necessarily mean you need to buy foreign stocks or funds. In an increasingly global world, plenty of American companies generate the majority of their sales and revenue overseas. Investing in these multinationals can be a great way to explore foreign investing while staying close to home.

What is Foreign Direct Investment?
Learn about foreign direct investment and how it impacts international investors.

Beware of the "Multinational Myth"
Investing in stocks with extensive global operations is often used as a "shortcut" to building an international portfolio. But this article explains why it's a less-than-ideal strategy.

Emerging Market Multinationals
While the biggest multinational firms have traditionally been based in the U.S. and Europe, a new breed of "global challengers" is emerging in countries like China and India. The Economist takes a closer look in this special report.

Boston Consulting Group's New Global Challengers
Each year the Boston Consulting Group compiles a list of the 100 "New Global Challengers" - a list of rapidly growing multinational firms based in emerging markets.

Investing in Multinational Companies
Forbes Magazine provides an annual ranking of the 100 biggest multinationals headquartered in the U.S., along with some analysis of companies with the greatest - and the least - percentage of revenue from outside the U.S.

International, Global, or Multinational?
We tend to use the words "international" or "multinational" interchangeably, there are important differences. This helpful blog post explains the finer points of these words in a global business context.

​What Are Multinational Corporation?
Learn what multinational corporations are and why investors may want to take a closer look at them as a way to diversify internationally.

​Top 4 Multinational Dividend Stocks for Investors
Discover four U.S. stocks that have significant international exposure and pay regular dividends to their shareholders over time.

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