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International Mutual Funds

One of the easiest ways to get started in international investing is through mutual funds. But which one? International funds are now available in dozens of flavors. Some focus on a single country or geographic region, while others invest all over the world. You'll learn how how to analyze a foreign stock fund and find out which fund companies offer the best-performing international funds.

What are Global Allocation Funds?
Discover a class of mutual funds that can invest anywhere across asset classes and geographic location.

Top 3 Value-Focused World Stock Mutual Funds
Discover three value-focused world stock mutual funds that investors may want to consider adding to their portfolio to diversify internationally.

Investing in Global Value Funds
Learn why and how to invest in global value funds to enhance your portfolio's diversification.

Own the World - Investing in World Stock Funds
Owning the world - investing in stock funds that track world indexes.

Finding the Best Global Mutual Fund
Learn what global mutual funds are and where to find the top performers for your portfolio.

Types of International Mutual Funds
Did you know there's a difference between a global fund and an international fund? In everyday conversation, we use the words global, international and foreign somewhat interchangeably. But in the fund business, these are subtle, yet important distinctions. Here are the main types of funds that you're likely to encounter.

International Funds and Currencies
Smart Money takes a look at how several successful international mutual funds manage their exposure to foreign currencies. Some hedge their bets, but many others don't.

Top Performing International Mutual Funds
Yahoo! Finance ranks the top-performing international stock funds based on their performance over the past 3 months, one-year, three-year, and five-year periods.

Morningstar International Investing Center
Morningstar is a great resource for international fund rankings, returns and a collection of articles on global investing topics written by the firm's analysts.

Money Magazine's Best International Funds
The "Money 70" list of mutual funds includes 9 actively-managed foreign stock funds and 3 foreign index funds recommended by Money Magazine's editors.

Fidelity.com's Foreign Stock Fund Comparison Tool
Fidelity offers a list of foreign stock fund picks along with a helpful tool that lets you compare performance, fees, expenses, and more for up to 5 mutual funds.

Guide to Global Small Cap Funds
Discover why investors may want to consider international small-cap funds, learn about some top-performing fund options, and be aware of the risks involved.

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