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International Exchange-Traded Funds

Exchange-Traded Funds, or ETFs for short, have revolutionized international investing. With ETFs you can design your own international portfolio in just about any way you can imagine. Here you'll learn all about the advantages of ETFs, where to find information on companies that offer international ETFs, how to analyze ETFs, and more.

International ETFs 101
Learn about the different types of international ETFs and how to choose the right one for your portfolio.

How to Invest in the MSCI EAFE Index
Discover the MSCI EAFE Index and how to use it to diversify any portfolio internationally.

Top 3 Largest International ETFs in 2013
Discover the top three largest international ETFs for 2013 by total assets under management and the differences between them for investors.

Global Bond ETFs 101
Learn why it may be smart to invest in global bond ETFs, where to find the most popular ETFs, and some important considerations to keep in mind.

Currency ETFs: The Easy Way to Invest in Currencies
Discover how to invest in currencies as a hedge or bet using exchange traded funds (ETFs).

International ETFs From Small Cap To Large Cap
Discover how to invest in international ETFs by asset class, from small cap to large cap.

Diversify Globally with S&P's International Sector ETFs
Learn how to diversify globally into individual sectors using S&P's international sector ETFs.

International REITs: Easily Invest in Foreign Real Estate
Discover how to diversify into global real estate markets using real estate investment trusts (REITs) traded around the world.

Global ETFs: The Easiest Way to Diversify Abroad
Discover how to easily diversify your investment portfolio globally with Global ETFs.

Frontier & Emerging Market ETFs
Learn how to invest in frontier and emerging markets the easy way using ETFs.

How to Find and Invest in Japanese ETFs
Learn how to find and invest in Japan - the world's third largest economy - using exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Invest in China the Easy Way with Chinese ETFs
Learn how to invest in China the easy way with Chinese ETFs

European ETFs: The Easiest Way to Invest in Europe
European ETFs offer a great way to diversify almost any stock portfolio, but there are many things to consider when buying them.

Barclays iShares
Barclays is the world's largest manager of exchange-traded funds, and their iShares family includes a broad selection of international ETFs.

Introduction to Canadian ETFs
Learn how to invest in Canada the easy way with exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

State Street International SPDRs
Learn more about State Street's family of international ETFs, also known as SPRDs or "spiders".

ETF Trends
ETF Trends, a blog maintained by investment manager Tom Lydon, is a great resource for news on international ETF offerings, with archives sorted by country and region.

InvescoPowerShares International ETFs
InvescoPowerShares offers a family of more than 20 international ETFs, including both regional and sector-based funds.

International ETF List
ETF Investment Outlook's site has a listing of international ETFs from various fund companies. Click on the links for price charts, technical analysis, and portfolio holdings.

Smooth Out Returns with Minimum Volatility ETFs
Learn how to integrate minimum volatility ETFs into any portfolio to reduce risk and enhance returns over the long-term.

​Quantitative Value Investing with International ETFs
Learn how to intelligently diversify internationally by implementing a quantitative value investing strategy using international ETFs.

​What to Look for in International ETFs
Learn a few key things to look for before investing in international ETFs, including expense ratios, portfolio holdings, and other risks.

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