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Investing in International Bonds

Adding international bonds can be a great way to diversify your fixed income portfolio. Here you'll learn all about foreign bond markets and the best way to tap into them through international bond funds.

International Bond Funds: The Easy Way to Diversify Worldwide
Learn how to find and invest in international bond funds - a great way to diversify almost any investment portfolio.

How to Invest in International Bonds
Learn the best ways to choose, analyze and invest in international bonds.

Greek Bonds: What Investors Need to Know
Discover what has happened to Greek bonds since the European Sovereign Debt Crisis.

Global Income Funds 101
Learn how to diversify your fixed income portfolio with global income funds.

What are Sovereign Bonds?
Learn what sovereign bonds are, how they are priced, and how to purchase them.

What are Credit Default Swaps?
Learn what credit default swaps (CDS) are and how they are used as an insurance tool, speculation tool and more.

Best Performing World Bond Funds
Yahoo! Finance ranks the top-performing global bond funds according to 3-month, 1-year, 3-year, and 5-year investment performance.

Bloomberg Global Bond News
Bloomberg News publishes several in-depth stories each day on bond markets in the U.S., Europe, and Asia. This page contains the latest reports from each region.

Emerging Market Bond News
BradyNet's site focuses on news, analysis, and discussion of emerging market bonds, with a particular emphasis on Latin American markets.

International Bond Basics
A helpful primer on the risks and rewards of international bonds, provided by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

History of International Bond Market
This paper from the Bank for International Settlements discusses the development of the international bond market in the 1980s.

Guide to Emerging Market Bonds

Investing in Global Inflation-Linked Bonds & ETFs
Global inflation-linked bonds shield bondholders from many of the risks associated with rising inflation making them a very important portion of any diversified portfolio.

How Do International Bonds Work?
Learn about the dynamics of the international bond markets, risks that investors should consider, and the best ways to invest in global bonds.

What Are the JP Morgan EMBI, EMBI+ & EMBIG Indexes?
Discover the three most influential emerging market bond indexes in the market and what they mean for individual investors when selecting funds.

What Are Local Currency vs. Dollar Denominated Bond Funds?
Learn what the difference between local currency and dollar-denominated bonds are in emerging markets and around the world.

​Getting Yield with International High Yield ETFs
Discover why investors may want to consider adding international high yield bonds to their diversified portfolios with the help of two U.S.-traded ETFs.

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