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Investing in Foreign Small-Cap Stocks

Investing in small cap companies can be a great way to discover some overlooked opportunities. The same is true in international markets. While international small cap stock picking is a tough game for individual investors, there are plenty of good funds out there that specialize in this style of investing.

Why Invest in International Small Cap Stocks?
Discover the benefits and risk of investing in international small cap stocks.

Pros and Cons of Small Cap Stocks
Investing in small cap stocks in any market - whether in the U.S. or overseas - can be much risker than investing in big companies. But the rewards can also be greater. About.com's guide to Stocks helps you sort out the pros and cons of small-cap investing.

How to Invest in International Small Caps
Learn how investing in international small cap stocks can help increase diversification and enhance long-term risk-adjusted returns.

International Small Caps as an Asset Class
In this article, the folks at Index Universe take a closer look at the historical performance of international small-cap stocks and discuss the role of this growing asset class in portfolio management.

Why Invest in International Small Caps?
In this research paper, AIG Investments takes a closer look at the historical risks and rewards of international small cap investing.

Investing in Foreign Small Cap ETFs
Financial blogger and financial advisor Roger Nusbaum takes a look at international small-cap investing via ETFs in this column for TheStreet.com.

International Small Cap ETF Comparison
ETFs are a popular way to tap into international small-cap investing opportunities. But there are a lot of funds to choose from. Index Universe offers some guidelines on how to make your decision.

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