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Foreign Currencies

No discussion of international investing can be complete without taking a look at the role of foreign currencies. Global exchange rates can have a big impact on your investment returns. We'll find out the best places to get charts, quotes and other forex data, and look at how currencies can affect your investment performance.

How to Read & Calculate Exchange Rates
Learn how to quickly and easily find and calculate currency exchange rates.

How to Invest in Currency ETFs
Learn why currencies fluctuate and how to speculate on or hedge against those fluctuations with currency ETFs

What is the Euro?
Learn about the origins of the euro and how it evolved into the world's second most popular currency after the U.S. dollar.

Japan’s Currency: How To Invest In & Buy Japanese Yen
Learn why and how to invest in Japanese yen with ETFs or in the forex markets.

What is a Carry Trade
Discover what the carry trade is and how it's used by forex traders and investors.

Currency Wars and How They Start
Discover what currency wars are, where they originated, and some examples from the modern era.

Monetary Policy and Its Effects on Investors
Discover how monetary policy decisions can affect investor portfolios around the world.

What Is Interest Rate Arbitrage?
Learn how interest rate arbitrage is used to capitalize on the difference between currencies.

How to Buy Euros for Investors
Discover how investors can buy euros using ETFs or more directly in the forex market.

What is a Currency Intervention?
Discover what currency interventions are, when they've occurred in the past, and what they mean for investors.

How to Find and Read Forex Charts
Discover the different types of foreign exchange (forex) charts used in trading currencies, where to find them, and how to read them.

Swiss Currency: How to Invest in & Buy Swiss Francs
Learn all about the Swiss currency, its status as a safe-haven currency, and how you can easily invest in it.

Chinese Currency – From Yuan to Renminbi
Learn why Chinese currency is growing in importance around the world and discover how you can invest in it.

What is a Reserve Currency?
Learn the past, present and future of reserve currency, from Bretton Woods to the Chinese yuan's emerging global status.

How to Invest in Foreign Currency
Discover the benefits, risks and most effective ways to invest in foreign currency.

How to Short the Euro
Learn how to short the euro and bet on the currency's decline using ETFs.

What Is Currency Risk?
Learn what currency risk is and how you can manage it using ETFs.

Financial Times Currency News
News and analysis of currency markets from the Financial Times, Europe's leading financial daily.

Bloomberg Currency News
Bloomberg News publishes several in-depth stories on the currency markets each day from its bureaus in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.

Foreign Currency Quotes & Data
OANDA.com is a great one-stop site for foreign currency quotes, charts and other data. Whether you need a quick calculation to find out the price of something in dollars, or historical data for more advanced analysis, OANDA.com is the best place to start.

The Foreign Exchange Market
The Federal Reserve Bank of New York's site has an informative series of articles on the structure and mechanics of the foreign currency market.

Grace Cheng's Financial Portal
While you may not be a currency trader, all international investors should keep an eye on developments in the foreign exchange market. Grace Cheng's site has a nice collection of key news headlines, an economic news calendar, and relevant market commentary from multiple sources.

What is a Currency Crisis?
Learn about the causes and solutions to currency crises as well as some famous examples of currency crises from the past.

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